What is loop?

Loop is a new way of making immediate connections and interacting with your surroundings. It is the stepping stone for you to create spontaneous and honest connections with local individuals and puts you in control of your social and professional life. With direct access to people in your immediate area, you can make spontaneous friendships, establish new networking opportunities, or even ignite your next romance.

What is different about loop?

With access only to users in 200 feet radius around you, loop enables you to connect with locals in your area. To connect with another user, request a connection and keep exploring! Depending on reciprocity settings, you will be matched instantly, or you will be notified when connection is reciprocal, and immediately sent to a connected chat. From there, you take the reigns.

How much personal information do I need to provide?

All we ask for is a daily profile photo so that other users in your immediate surroundings can introduce themselves to you. There is no need to provide any personal data, email address, telephone number or link your loop account to any social network. Your loop profile is completely anonymous and accessible only on your device, additionally we are not interested in collecting and/or selling your personal information or your activity in the app. Our business model puts you in charge and does not make you a product that we sell to third parties. As an additional layer of privacy, with no exceptions, after 24 hours we delete all your app activity.

Seriously, only a daily photo, how am I going to find anyone to connect with?

We are big fans of technology but even bigger fans of real-life activities. In the app you will only see people in 200 feet radius around you, in the app you will only see their profile photo and their tagline. Some other apps will connect you because you have mutual friends or map you based on your interest, we believe that human interactions should remain human.

What do you exactly mean by daily photo?

While you can change your photo as many times as you would like, every photo will expire after 24 hours. After that time you will have to take a new one. We believe that your profile photo is a daily representation of yourself and that you should show yourself as you are.

Is my photo moderated?

No. While we do expect for you to follow our terms of service we see no purpose in moderating the profile photo. On loop we consider your profile photo as a daily representation of yourself. Since your profile photo will be visible to people that surround you in real life we believe you will present yourself in an appropriate manner. In any case we will delete it within 24 hours.

How will I know that people are who they say they are?

With access only to users in 200 feet around you all you have to do is trust your eyes, just compare the profile photo with the people surrounding you. The proximity of other users shields you from fake profiles, bots, and false representation or catfishing.

So, this is one more dating app?

Univocally no, the purpose of this app is to introduce and connect people in all facets of life. That is the reason why we are not asking about your gender or your preferences. Depending on context and your surroundings you can initiate an introduction to advance your career or business or meet new and interesting people for both platonic interactions and romantic sparks.

How do I switch between professional, platonic, and romantic modes?

It is all up to you, your loop profile is quite simple. You present yourself with a daily photo, update your tagline as to what you fit to show your interest and desire. What you say, so it will be.

I’ve opened the app and how come there are no users nearby?

With access only to users in 200 feet radius around you there might not be a loop user close enough to display. In cases like that open loop map and we’ll show you where you can find other active loop users.

Where can I get loop?

Loop is available in the App Store if you are using an iPhone and Google Play if you’re using an Android smartphone.

How do I join?

1. Download the app to your phone
2. Launch the app
3. Swipe trough introductory screen
4. Take your daily photo
5. Type in your tagline
6. Click on “join loop” and you’re all set

How can I change my password?

There is no password on loop. Your account is just an anonymous token linked to your device and that is it.

How do I delete my profile?

To delete your account/profile, follow these steps:
1. Open loop app
2. Open profile screen
3. Click on settings in the top right corner of your profile screen
4. Click on the "Delete My Profile" button
5. You will then be prompted click "Delete my profile" to finalize the process.

What are reciprocity settings?

On your profile you can choose whether you want to be immediately sent to a connected chat when someone connects with you, or if you want to chat only with people that you connect first.

Do I need to pay for loop or is it free?

Access to general feature set is free for all users.

What is general feature set?

Every user has 5 connections during 24 hours
Every user can set reciprocal settings
Every connection lasts 24 hours
Reciprocal connections has 3 hour waiting period

Are there any permissions I have to grant to loop app on my smartphone?

Yes, and just two of them:
1. In order for the app to show you people around you, we need to be able to access your current location
2. In order for you to take your daily photo we need to access your camera
3. In order for us to send you notifications about connections made and messages received, you need to grant us permission

Are there any rules I need to obey by?

Just follow the FAQ and Terms of Service, that’s all. Still have questions? you can contact via .