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Interact with local businesses and participate in social activities

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Loop is a new way of making immediate connections and interacting with your surroundings. It is the stepping stone for you to create spontaneous and honest connections with local individuals and businesses. It puts you in control of your social and professional life.

With access only to users in a 200 feet radius, loop enables you to connect with locals and businesses in your area.

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Real-time attendee list
See who is around you in real time

loop tag

No accounts, no logins
Simple profile: selfie and a tagline is all you need

loop card

Instant contact exchange
One click contact exchange, no business cards needed

loop chat

Private chatroom in public space
Enable attendees to pose questions in-app to peers & subject matter experts

loop places

All the hot spots in walking distance
Connect with people you see aroud you, anytime, anyplace

loop offers

Save as you go
Go to our partner locations and discover discounts and special promotions

No accounts

Just a simple profile with a selfie and a tagline of what you want or looking for.

No data

No endless personal questions or handing over your private Facebook data.

100% Anonymous

All app activities gets deleted after 24 hours.

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Start using loop in 4 simple steps


Take a selfie

Add a tagline

Start connecting

We will capture only your imagination, never you private data, to connect you with new people and adventures around you… fast, here and now.