loopHQ for businesses

Organize hassle-free pop-up events and social activities

Capture audiences, increase engagement and grow revenue with loopHQ marketplace

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loopHQ for everyone

Companies & educational organizations

Increase engagement and interaction among the student body and employees.

Establishments & venues of all types & sizes

Create multiple instant games, quizzes and trivia challenges or social mixers.

Promotions, events, trade shows & conference organizers

Communicate direcly with your audience to collect and measure satisfaction.

loopHQ for

Capture audiences

Stop wasting time organizing events, use our marketplace to instantly create trivia, quizzes, social games and team challenges! Organize speed dating and networking events and collect real time feedback from your attendees or employees.

Increase engagement

Use your existing offline and online channels to attract new audiences. Create events that will bring you additional attendance and experiences that will keep your attendees engaged and on-premises.

Grow revenue

Sell tickets for your events, utilize exhibitor and sponsor promotional placement within loopHQ. Conduct surveys, polls and measure real-time feedback and satisfaction of your customers and attendees.

loop for organizers

Capture your audience

loop activities

Organize hassle-free events

  • Trivia night
  • Speed dating
  • Guess who?
  • Icebreaker games
  • Teambuilding challenges
  • Scavenger & QR hunts
  • Orgainize AMAs & Q&As
  • Apps & games marketplace

loop tools

No development & full customization

  • Conduct surveys & polls
  • Send messages & notifications
  • Provide consent forms
  • Live chat with attendees
  • Collect & analyze customer feedback
  • Exhibitor & sponsor promo placement
  • Info, FAQ & chatbots
  • Apps & games marketplace

All the tools you need to power your business hassle-free

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loop for attendees

Provide extra value to your audience

loop here

Real time attendee list
See who is around you in real time

loop tag

No accounts, no logins
Simple profile: selfie and a tagline is all you need

loop card

Instant contact exchange
One click contact exchange, no business cards needed

loop chat

Private chatroom in public space
Enable attendees to pose questions in-app to peers & subject matter experts

loop places

All the hot spots in walking distance
Connect with people you see aroud you, anytime, anyplace

loop offers

Save as you go
Go to our partner locations and discover discounts and special promotions

Connect with your attendees

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About loopHQ

What is loopHQ?

loopHQ is a new way of capturing audiences, increasing engagement and participation, and collecting feedback. It is a marketplace of activities to instantly create trivia, quizzes, social games and team challenges.

It is a multipurpose tool for organizing events and collecting real time feedback from your attendees or employees. With access only to users in one location/event (200 feet radius), it is a real-time attendee list and near-by communication and activity platform.

What makes loopHQ different?

- Cloud event management platform with no development and logistical requirement
- Completely free single-use multipurpose app for end users
- 100 percent anonymous multipurpose end user profile with no account and personal info

When will I be billed for my monthly recurring subscription?

When you start your subscription you will not be billed for the first month. In the following months, each month you will be billed on the day you opened your account.

What is your cancellation policy?

loopHQ can be cancelled at any time. If the subscription is cancelled during the first month, no charges will occur afterwards. If the subscription is cancelled during any other following month, subscription will be valid until the last day of your current billing cycle and additional charges will not occur afterwards.

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